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Mac Uninstaller

Powerful Uninstall Software on Mac

8 Bewertungen


Professional cleaner

Completely removed the unwanted files on my Mac professionally. A good tool.

Steven Rogers July 7, 2021

Great Experience

Great experience! Help me uninstall the Fortnite completely.

Matthew July 7, 2021

Simple Operations & High Efficiency

Simple launch, simple operations to completely remove the unneeded application on my Mac.

Peter July 7, 2021

Quickly Get Space

After uninstalling applications with simple clicks, I quickly got more storage space.

Shannon Gutierres July 7, 2021

Direct to Remove An App

No need to find out the application on Mac. The tool would scan all the applications on Mac and help uninstall.

Alda Thompson July 7, 2021

Complete Uninstallation

Completely remove one application from my Mac, including the files in the application.

Keiko Brandon July 7, 2021

Clean up the storage

When uninstalling software, it is often accompanied by a problem that there will be residual files that are not useful but will occupy our storage space. So one of the reasons I like iMyMac-Cleaner is that it can help me detect these residual files and delete them.

Masa July 7, 2021

Uninstall stubbom software

I often find it difficult to uninstall the software which made me feel very annoyed, but iMyMac-Cleaner easily solved this problem for me.

Katty July 7, 2021

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