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Browser Cleanup

Browser Cleanup is a good helper to clear the browser.

15 Bewertungen


Nice after-sensation

Feels like I just bought a new Mac after I used the tool to clean my browser.

Danny Chandler July 7, 2021

Professional cleaner

It cleaned up my browser very professionally. 100% recommended.

Scott July 7, 2021

Best app ever

So far this is the best cleaner app I ever used compared to others

Wayne Bell July 7, 2021

Nice cleaner

Such a useful cleaner, saved my space up to 5GB

Ella Gray July 7, 2021

The Browser Seems to Go Fast

After cleaning the browser cache by this app, the browser seems to go fast in searching for things! Good job!

Ryan Perry July 7, 2021

Clean Up Thoroughly

A nice function of the app! The function helps clean up my browser history and cache pretty thoroughly!

Angela July 7, 2021

No Compulsory Cleanup

The Cleanup scans fast, and no compulsory cleanup. I can choose the record to delete.

Katherine July 7, 2021

Scan Fast

The system scans very fast and quickly finds out the files I want to remove from my Mac.

Cynthia July 7, 2021

Simple Steps

Similar steps as the other functions, very simple.

Reynaldo July 7, 2021

Easily Clean Browsers' files

Only with several clicks, the tool scanned all the browsers on my Mac and listed the files in each browser. So, I chose and cleaned my unneeded files easily.

Nelson Richter July 7, 2021

Protect Privacy

Caches and other information may be saved when surfing online. Using iMyMac cleaned such files in the browser and protected my privacy.

Cherry Soto July 7, 2021

Speed up My Mac

The website loading speeds up after I use Browser Cleanup on my Mac. The tool is helpful.

Daniel Poulsen July 7, 2021

Best Cleaning

A pile of the browser history is gone for good thanks to Browser Cleanup by @iMyMac. The easiest cleanup I've ever done!

Angelk July 7, 2021

Do not hesitate, Choose the browser cleanup is correct

I very appreciate that iMyMac made this nice app(Browser Cleanup) specifically for me…

Baal July 7, 2021

I herad browser cleanup is great

"Wow, Browser cleaning found 16GB! I want to know where my disk is! Thank you! "

caleb July 7, 2021

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